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Sports Fulfilment

3pl Fulfilment Services for Sportswear, Merchandise and Football Kits

The trends show that sports apparel is set to dominate the UK sportwear market over the next 3 years. Prolog Fulfilment is seeing the shift first-hand via the brands we work with. Whether you’re a luxury sports brand, or a retailer specialising in personalised team kits, having the right 3pl partner to work with helps you to scale successfully, whilst enhancing the quality of your brand.

A Trouble-Free, Personalised Shopping Experience

Trouble-free order fulfilment is key to meeting customer expectations as you grow your online brand. Which is where Prolog Fulfilment comes in. We work with a range of sports eCommerce brands, providing prompt delivery, and game-changing customer service.

Prolog Fulfilment’s value-add sports fulfilment includes:

For over 30 years Prolog Fulfilment has been helping sports eCommerce brands to scale successfully

eCommerce sports brands working with Prolog Fulfilment have access to:

Warehouse Management System

Prolog Fulfilment WMS interfaces seamlessly with your systems, providing real-time visibility of inventory, storage, picking & packing, and workflows.

Inventory Management

Goods are received and tracked through every stage of sports fulfilment processing to ensure availability at all times.

Distribution Network

Your orders are shipped using a network of UK-wide carriers and couriers so we can guarantee fast and accurate delivery.

Customised Packaging

Your packaging can be branded, and optimised for safe, cost-effective delivery and a great unboxing experience for your customers.

Kitting Solutions

Professional pick and pack staff use hand-assembly, or conveyor-driven processes to prepare merchandise or sportswear orders for customers.

Personalised Products

We use a heat press to add the names, numbers, and any additional branding or sponsorship logos to shorts and shirts.

Returns Management

Any returned items are managed efficiently using a frictionless system that guarantees same day refunds or replacements.

eCommerce Integration

Prolog Fulfilment integrates with a range of eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, 3dcart, Prestashop.

Sports Fulfilment Services We Offer

In the fast-paced and competitive world of sports, it is crucial to have a reliable and efficient fulfilment partner to manage your inventory and deliver your products to your customers on time and in perfect condition. Prolog Fulfilment is a leading provider of sports fulfilment services, offering a comprehensive range of solutions to help businesses of all sizes succeed in the online sports market.

Sports Kits

Sports Kits

Team kits are more than just attire; they represent unity, pride, and a passion for the game. At Prolog Fulfilment, we understand the significance of sports kits and are committed to providing seamless and efficient fulfilment services to ensure your kits reach your players promptly and in perfect condition.

Sports Equipment

Sports Equipment

Having the right equipment is essential for athletes to perform at their best and achieve their goals. Prolog Fulfilment offer a comprehensive range of sports equipment fulfilment services tailored to meet the needs of sports retailers, manufacturers, and distributors.

sports fulfilment


Sporting Apparel Fulfilment

Why Choose Prolog?

Sports fulfilment at Prolog Fulfilment is personalised to your brand, so that you can guarantee outstanding service to your customers.

Prolog Fulfilment is an established 3pl provider working with large and small eCommerce sports retailers. We provide a dedicated account manager to work with you as a fulfilment partner, seeking ongoing opportunities for scalable growth, innovation, and exceptional customer service.

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3pl Fulfilment Services for Sportswear, Merchandise and Football Kits

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