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Warehouse Distribution

Flexible Warehousing Storage

Whether you have a multi-channel strategy, or your main focus is on eCommerce, you still need to store, fulfil, and ship your products to customers. Flexible warehousing provides a dynamic process of handing products and returns. It’s a storage solution that allows businesses to scale their operations lead by customer demand.

Flexible warehousing means that you can scale the storage space you require up and down according to fluctuations in demand. Our storage and fulfilment solutions enable us to react quickly and meet your requirements promptly in today’s fast-paced markets.

Flexible Warehousing Storage

Smarter Storage

Efficient warehousing requires highly accurate stock management, including structured storage and real-time stock control. Prolog provides warehouse management systems software, ensuring that your order fulfilment is seamless, and your customers are excellently served.

Warehousing & Distribution

Aligned with our warehouse management system is our UK carrier distribution network. Our efficient, competitively priced shipping uses major carriers and pallet delivery networks. All despatches are fully tracked from when they leave our warehouse through to the final delivery to your customer.

The Benefits of Flexible Warehousing

Markets We Work In

Here are some of the markets that Prolog Fulfilment specialises in.

cosmetics fulfilment market

Cosmetics Fulfilment

Prolog works with a range of cosmetic, beauty, and grooming brands. We ensure that their products are expertly stored, packaged, and dispatched, so that they can reach customers quickly and flawlessly. Read more.

pet food fulfilment

Pet Food Fulfilment

New products are introduced every day in the pet food, accessories, and specialty supplements sector. We partner with established brands that are looking to scale their business. Read more.

fashion fulfilment market

Fashion Fulfilment

Many of the fashion brands we work with take advantage of the customised packaging and design we offer as one of our value-adds. They also benefit from our supply chain expertise and returns management. Read more.

Supplements & Vitamins Fulfilment

Supplements & Vitamins Fulfilment

This sector meets our desire to improve wellness and boost our immune system. With strict batch controls, knowledge of kitting and subscriptions, and an ideal storage environment for brands, Prolog stands out. Read more.

luxury fulfilment

Luxury Fulfilment

Our luxury products are handled with the absolute respect and care they merit. They are safely stored, professionally packaged to brand standards, and promptly delivered for unboxing. Read more.

sports fulfilment

Sports Fulfilment

Swimwear, footballs, and accessories are just a few of the many different sports products fulfilled by Prolog. offering same-day delivery, returns handling, and warehousing. Read more.

technology fulfilment

Technology Fulfilment

Tech brands rely on Prolog to deliver their customers the latest electronic products on time and in great shape. Whether it's TVs, PCs, or headphones Prolog provides same-day replacements, refunds & returns. Read more.

subscription box fulfilment market

Subscription Boxes

The most recent trend of getting the best brand value is subscription boxes. With customised packaging and online tracking, Prolog assists businesses in launching or expanding subscription services. Read more.

homeware fulfilment

Homeware Fulfilment

Prolog is a well-established 3PL provider for homeware fulfilment eCommerce businesses; we ensure prompt delivery of your goods in excellent condition, with the goal of satisfying your customers. Read more.

toys and games fulfilment

Toys and Games Fulfilment

We provide order fulfilment for major toy and game companies. From puzzles to board games we store your products in our fulfilment centres, and pick, pack, and ship online orders to your customers. Read more.

book fulfilment

Book Fulfilment

We work with a range of eCommerce book retailers and publishers to deliver books on time and in excellent condition. We create tailored processes with a range of value adds for our clients. Read more.

hair and beauty fulfilment

Hair and Beauty Fulfilment

Prolog has expertise in fulfilment for hair and beauty brands. We are able to turn complex procedures into low-cost solutions for your business. We have training in handling and storing small, fragile goods. Read more.

stationary and gift fulfilment

Stationary and Gift Fulfilment

Prolog Fulfilment works with an assortment of stationery and gift brands, from small, local businesses to global eCommerce retailers. We are able to create custom packaging and design solutions for your business. Read more.

Warehouse Distribution FAQs

We have two multi-user warehouses located in Nottingham. These offer 250,000 square feet of storage space, with 30,000 pallet spaces.

Prolog uses all the major carriers and pallet delivery networks including Amazon preferred suppliers, which guarantees shorter delivery windows into Amazon FBA sites. Our carrier network guarantees cost-effective solutions, and all despatches are tracked throughout transit to delivery.

We are able to source competitive international and UK shipping solutions for clients. Whether you’re shipping into Europe, or internationally, we can help with customs documentation to ensure smooth international clearance.

Prolog’s WMS provides real-time visibility of their inventory levels, picking and packing, and fulfilment workflows. The progress of orders can be tracked through every stage of the fulfilment process, including the shipping status of items, and their transit to delivery.

Prolog takes care of outgoing stock using our WMS to ensure market-leading fulfilment service levels. Our dynamic systems management allows us to monitor demand and refine picking and packing operations to meet your order requirements.

Prolog doesn’t leave clients waiting on the phone for their problem to be dealt with. Our order fulfilment clients have dedicated support from motivated professional agents who can ‘own’ the problem and help you to efficiently resolve it. They’ll work with you on the issue until it you are satisfied that it has been solved.

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