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Electronics Fulfilment

3pl Fulfilment Services for Computers, Smartphones and TVs

eCommerce retailers are continuing to see growth in home electronics, and this is expected to continue, despite the global downturn. The challenges of electronics fulfilment are unique, and working with an experienced 3pl partner offers you peace of mind that high-value goods will be professionally handled and shipped promptly in a cost-effective manner.

Prolog Provides Flawless Order Fulfilment

Our goal is to grow your business by delighting your customers. How do we do it? By applying our fulfilment expertise, and providing the infrastructure and operations that will make your business thrive. Items are securely stored, packed strategically, and delivered fast to your customers.

Prolog Fulfilment’s electronics fulfilment includes:

For over 30 years Prolog Fulfilment has been helping electronics brands to scale successfully

Electronic goods retailers working with Prolog Fulfilment have access to:

Warehouse Management System

Prolog Fulfilment’s WMS interfaces seamlessly with your systems, offering real-time visibility of inventory, storage, picking & packing, and workflows.

Inventory Management

Goods are received and tracked through every stage of electronics fulfilment processing to ensure availability of item and their security at all times.

eCommerce Integration

Prolog Fulfilment integrates with a range of eCommerce platforms, including Amazon (Prime), Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, 3dcart, BigCommerce.

Custom Packaging

We use your branded packaging (boxes, mailers, inserts). We optimise packaging for safe delivery, ensuring a flawless experience for customers.

Sustainable Fulfilment

We are certified by the Carbon Trust as a carbon neutral fulfilment company. We work proactively with brands to develop the sustainability of their fulfilment processes.

Kitting Solutions

Our trained pick and pack staff use conveyor-driven processes, or hand-assembly to prepare electronics goods orders for customers.

Distribution Network

Orders are shipped using a network of UK-wide carriers and couriers in order to guarantee fast and accurate delivery of your goods.

Returns Management

Any returned items are managed efficiently using a system that guarantees immediate refunds or replacements.

Electronics Fulfilment Services We Offer

Prolog Fulfilment is your trusted partner for electronics fulfilment, handling high-end products with meticulous care and precision. From storage to packing and delivery, we prioritise efficiency and accuracy to meet the demanding standards of electronic goods. By partnering with Prolog Fulfilment, your business can streamline your logistics and deliver a sophisticated experience that aligns with your brand values.

laptops & computers

Computers & Laptops

Prolog Fulfilment offers a comprehensive and reliable fulfilment service for computer and laptop brands. We handle high-end products with utmost care and precision, ensuring a flawless experience from storage to delivery.

Mobile Phones & Tablets

Mobile Phones & Tablets

We offer a smartphone fulfilment process that ensures a seamless experience for customers. Our team regularly handles devices such as iPhones and iPads, using advanced technology and rigorous processes to maintain precision and efficiency.

smart tvs and monitors

Smart TVs & Monitors

Your customers want to receive their new smart TVs or monitors without hassle, and that's what Prolog Fulfilment can help you achieve. From the moment your customers place an order, our team of experts take care of everything, ensuring your customers have a smooth experience.

game consoles

Gaming Consoles

Our gaming consoles fulfilment is a straightforward and customer-centric process designed for easy and efficient delivery of gaming consoles. Prolog Fulfilment ensures a quick and smooth experience using advanced logistics to prepare and ship orders accurately and on time.

General Electronic Appliances

General Electronic Appliances

We employ advanced logistics to ensure accurate order processing and timely shipments, minimising the complexities associated with managing electronic appliance inventories. Prolog Fulfilment streamlines the fulfilment workflow for businesses, allowing them to meet demands effectively and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances

Prolog Fulfilment understands the unique challenges of handling kitchen appliances, from delicate cookware to bulky refrigerators. Partnering with us frees up your resources to focus on core business activities, such as product development, marketing, and customer service. Prolog will ensure your customers have a positive experience from order placement to deliver.

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5 Benefits of 3pl eCommerce

Why Choose Prolog?

Electronics fulfilment at Prolog Fulfilment is bespoke to your brand, so that you can deliver outstanding service to your customers. We offer excellent support for reverse logistics.

Prolog Fulfilment is an established 3pl provider working with small and large eCommerce retailers. A dedicated account manager works with each of our partners, and once your onboarding is complete, they will seek ongoing opportunities for cost-effective growth, innovation, and exceptional customer service.

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3pl Fulfilment Services for Computers, Smartphones and TVs

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