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Contact Centres

200 seat Customer Centres

carbon neutral


Carbon Trust neutral fulfilment

Warehouse Management System

Innovative Tech Solutions

Our in-house IT team are on-hand to make sure that Prolog’s IT solutions seamlessly integrate with those of our customers. We’ll ensure that our order processing and fulfilment systems talk to yours right from the start.

Prolog customers benefit from being able to:

  • Manage orders from multiple channels
  • Achieve end-to-end visibility on orders
  • View inventory levels
  • Download real-time data for ordering, kitting, returns etc.
Innovative Tech Solutions
We invest consistently in our IT support and solutions to improve our performance and your results.

How Can Our Warehouse Management System Help Your Business?

The resilience, security, and stability of our IT systems is enhanced by the fact that we host our servers in separate data centres located off-site.

Contact Centre Call Handling

Contact Centre Call Handling

Prolog’s Contact Centre uses an automated call distributor and call management system, Avaya. This reports on a range of functions and actions, including individual agent performance and service-level agreements for contracts.

Supported by state-of-the-art telecoms and CRM systems we optimise communications using voice, email, social media, SMS and webchat.

CRM software is used to track activity and resolve issues efficiently. Using detailed analytics, we can report promptly on call volumes, handling times etc.

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