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Loyalty Card Schemes and Management

Loyalty Card Fulfilment and Expertise

Customer loyalty is built on shoppers’ willingness to buy from a brand because of the positive experiences they’ve had with it. A loyalty card scheme promotes this kind of consumer behaviour by offering rewards for regular purchasing. It can be used to reward existing customers or to encourage new membership.

Materials & Manufacturing

Prolog printing services allows us to offer a range of materials and finishes. We manufacture loyalty cards personalised to your brand and your requirements.

  • Customer loyalty cards come on a range of board and plastic materials, including PVC, hot isostatic pressing (HIS), polyethylene and eco board.
  • Our digital printing capability means we can print your customer loyalty cards on-demand, at different volumes, depending on your requirements.
  • Card finishing processes include embossing, pattern UV varnish, matt and gloss lamination, and foiling. We can also add magnetic strips and barcodes.
Loyalty Card Fulfilment and Expertise

Great Service For Your Customers

Benefits For Your Brand

Great Loyalty Card Delivery From Prolog

Great Loyalty Card Delivery From Prolog

We’re here to make your loyalty card scheme so easy to launch and manage that it makes no sense not to do it. And customers receive regular prompts to make buying with you more attractive.

Don’t forget, every time your customers use their loyalty card, they’re more likely to talk to friends and family about the great deals they’re getting as a result of shopping with you.

If you’re interested in setting up a loyalty card scheme, we can talk you through the process and ensure that your scheme works for your brand, and your customers.

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