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Homeware Fulfilment

Fulfilment Services for eCommerce Homeware Brands

The homeware and accessories sector tends to reflect the everyday experiences of buyers. Since the boom for home furnishings during the pandemic, attention has turned to smaller seasonal items for the home, with warm throws, blankets, scented candles, kitchenware and crafting materials being amongst the most popular.

Prolog Fulfilment is an established 3pl, providing homeware fulfilment for eCommerce retailers; we deliver goods promptly, in pristine condition, always with the goal of delighting customers.

Prolog Fulfilment Delivers Top-Quality Homeware Fulfilment

Potential profitability for homeware brands depends on satisfied customers, excellent reviews and repeat business. These require top-quality homeware fulfilment services. Prolog Fulfilment picks, packs, and despatches online orders to customers, making their shopping experience a memorable one – for all the right reasons.

For over 30 years Prolog Fulfilment has been helping eCommerce brands to scale successfully

Homeware online retailers working with Prolog Fulfilment have access to:

Inventory Management

Goods are received and tracked through every stage of Prolog Fulfilment’s homeware fulfilment processing to ensure availability at all times.

eCommerce Integration

Prolog Fulfilment integrates with a range of eCommerce platforms, including Amazon (Prime), Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, 3dcart, and Prestashop.

Warehouse Management System

Prolog Fulfilment’s homeware fulfilment services include real-time visibility of inventory, storage, picking & packing, and workflows via our WMS.

Sustainable Fulfilment

We are certified by the Carbon Trust as a carbon neutral fulfilment provider. Prolog Fulfilment works proactively with clients to develop the sustainability of their fulfilment processes.

Returns Management

Any returned homeware goods are managed efficiently using a frictionless system that guarantees same day refunds or replacements.

Distribution Network

Fast and accurate shipping is an integral part of our homeware fulfilment service; we ship orders using a network of UK and international carriers and couriers.

Customised Packaging

Your packaging can be branded, and optimised for safe, cost-effective delivery and a great level of service to customers.

Kitting Solutions

Professional pick and pack staff use either hand-assembly, or conveyor-driven processes to prepare your orders for your customers.

Homeware Fulfilment Services We Offer

To establish yourself as a trendsetter in the homeware industry, it is vital to consistently deliver a remarkable experience that captivates consumers. Prolog Fulfilment understands this need and offers a swift and precise homeware fulfilment service tailored to handle small, lightweight products. With our optimised processes, we regularly fulfil a range of homeware products.

Sofas, Tables and Chairs

Sofas, Tables and Chairs

Efficient and reliable fulfilment of sofas, tables, and chairs is essential to create comfortable and stylish living spaces. With our expertise in handling large and bulky items, you can trust us to carefully package and deliver your products, ensuring they arrive in excellent condition for your customers' homes.

Ornaments, Vases and Lamps

Ornaments, Vases and Lamps

Partner with Prolog Fulfilment for efficient and accurate fulfilment services for ornaments, vases, and lamps, turn your customers' houses into inviting and enchanting homes. Our expert team carefully package and deliver ornaments, vases, and lamps, ensuring they arrive damage-free to your customers' doorstep.

Desk and Home Office Accessories

Desk and Home Office Accessories

Efficient fulfilment of desk and home office accessories is crucial for creating productive and organised workspaces. Prolog Fulfilment are specialists in the fulfilment of these essential items, offering comprehensive solutions that encompass inventory management, order processing, and timely shipping.

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories

Efficient 3PL (third-party logistics) fulfilment for bathroom accessories is essential for delivering functional and stylish products to enhance any bathroom space. Our dedicated team will handle the fulfilment process with care and precision, ensuring seamless delivery and customer satisfaction.

Cushions and Curtains

Cushions and Curtains

With our expertise in handling delicate fabrics and textiles, you can trust us to carefully package and deliver cushions and curtains, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition for your customers' homes. Whether it's decorative throw pillows, plush seat cushions, or elegant curtains, our dedicated team will handle the fulfillment process with care and precision.

Bedroom Accessories

Bedroom Accessories

At Prolog Fulfilment, we specialise in offering comprehensive solutions that encompass inventory management, order processing, and timely shipping. Partner with us for efficient and accurate 3PL fulfilment services for bedroom accessories, helping individuals create cozy and inviting sanctuaries for rest and relaxation.

How Do You Choose the Right 3PL?


How Do You Choose the Right 3pl?

Why Choose Prolog Fulfilment?

Homeware fulfilment at Prolog Fulfilment is personalised to your brand, ensuring that you’re able to guarantee outstanding service to your customers.

Prolog Fulfilment is an established 3pl provider working with large and small online retailers. We provide a dedicated account manager to work with you as a fulfilment partner. Once the streamlined onboarding process is complete, they’ll seek ongoing opportunities for scalable growth, innovation, and exceptional customer service.

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