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Stress-Free Shipping Solutions Post Brexit

Stress-Free Shipping Solutions Post-Brexit

Effortless Global Shipping Solutions Offered by Prolog

First there was the uncertainty about what Brexit would mean for eCommerce shipping. Then came the Brexit reality which – it’s fair to say – provided a few challenges for online retailers shipping to Ireland and the international markets. As a global fulfilment provider, Prolog has been able to support clients through this period of transition with stress-free shipping solutions post Brexit.

Our team of industry experts finds cost-effective shipping solutions for retailers looking to manage their supply and demand both in and out of the UK. So, whether you want to switch back on your full market potential or scale up to reach a new customer base, we can help you turn those post Brexit challenges into an opportunity.

Post Brexit Shipping Solutions at Prolog

Effective business solutions depend on having the right resources in place to start out with. Prolog is an established global fulfilment partner with over 30 years’ experience of shipping internationally. When faced with the potential challenges Brexit could pose, therefore, we were in a great position to work proactively towards solutions. The 5 key ingredients in this case were:

  1. API Integration With Key Carriers. Our one-to-one approach allows real time data transition for carrier manifest, despatch label creation and tracking reference allocation.
  2. Subject Matter Experts. At Prolog we have great regard for experts who can help us to arrive at the solutions we need. Our in-house team was key to our post Brexit strategy.
  3. Data Management. Our tried and tested systems of collecting, organising, and storing data provided a strong foundation for the solution we arrived at.
  4. Industry Knowledge & Contacts. Brexit was a massive shift in the way the UK trades. Industry forums and fulfilment contacts worked collaboratively to shape knowledge into solutions.
  5. Confirmed Inco Terms – DDU/DDP/DAP. DDP (Deliveries Duty Paid) and DDU/DAP (Deliveries Duty Unpaid) are values that affect customs clearance. Key to managing customers expectations around costs and delivery times.

The Creation of Fail-Safe Data Checks

Key to stress-free shipping solutions post Brexit is a clear understanding of the mandatory data required by customs. The correct categorisation of goods prior to shipment ensures that there won’t be lengthy delays. Prolog’s fail safe data checks guarantee that all the required fields on customs documentation are populated with valid data, allowing for the accurate production of shipping documents.

As a result of our fail-safe data checks our eCommerce retailers experience:

  • Business continuity post Brexit.
  • Maintained market channels.
  • No surcharges or delays.

Optimised Shipping Solutions

Prolog has a reputation for being a fulfilment partner that continually innovates in order to improve the service we can offer to our clients, and their customers. When it came to our post Brexit shipping solutions, therefore, we looked for the ways we could automate the operational aspects to increase their cost-effectiveness.

Prolog’s optimised operations include:

  • Waybill creations.
  • Commercial invoices.
  • Carton manifests.
  • Despatch labels.
  • Paperless solutions.
  • End-to-end tracking to all destinations (B2C & B2B).
  • Fully managed solution for international returns.


As a result of our optimised operations, and standardised solutions, we have been able to maintain our customer promise on all international shipping, whilst reducing the cost to market.

An Optimised Shipping Solution

Need Help and Support With Post Brexit Shipping?

Whatever you need to ship, and wherever you need to ship it, Prolog Fulfilment has both the infrastructure, and the industry experts, to ensure cost-effective shipping solutions. Whether you’re new to international shipping, or you’re struggling to maintain the markets you’ve traditionally sold to, we would love to talk to you.

Prolog ships to the UK, Ireland, Europe, and all global destinations. To talk about your shipping requirements with an expert, just call 01623 724000, or message us for a prompt response.

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