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eCommerce Returns That Make Customers Happy

eCommerce Returns That Make Customers Happy

Why Hassle-Free eCommerce Returns are Key to Brand Management

The good news is that online sales have increased by 46% since 2020. And the bad news? You guessed it, return rates have increased too. 38% of UK shoppers now feel confident enough with the returns process to return goods if they’re not happy with them. Which means that there’s more pressure than ever for eCommerce returns that make customers happy.

Is the Customer Always Right?

Recent research demonstrates that there’s all kinds of reasons why shoppers return goods, from unwanted gifts, to ensuring they get the right fit for a new outfit. Serial returns can be a headache for brands, but at Prolog we see frictionless eCommerce returns as an opportunity to retain customers, enhance brand identity, and maximise customer spend.

“Put a foot wrong in the return experience and you’ll add a hurdle in your mission toward getting repeat customers…. Get the returns experience right and 92% of customers will return to buy again.”

Prolog has been leading the way with reverse logistics for a while now; so here’s how we create eCommerce returns that make customers happy.

Essential Ingredients for a Returns Solution

An eCommerce returns solution needs to be good for the customer and for your business. There are two components to providing an efficient returns solution:

  1. Returns Policy. This should be clear about the terms you offer to customers, and it needs to be easily accessible to customers. Use language that is clear and concise.
  2. Returns Provider. If ongoing returns are becoming a headache for your team to manage, you could opt for a 3pl provider who will handle the process for you.

What Does Effective eCommerce Returns Management Look Like?

Here’s how Prolog Fulfilment manages reverse logistics on behalf of our eCommerce partners:

Step One – Returning Items

Customers return items using our courier network, the process is simple as we can provide returns ready packaging. Our integrated IT systems means that eCommerce brands can be hands on, or hands off with decisions around returns. We’re happy to manage the whole process on your behalf.

Step Two – Refunds or Replacements

We offer shoppers a frictionless eCommerce returns process which concludes either with a refund or replacement item – all resolved within 24 hours. The service is friendly, efficient, and on-brand, ensuring that customer satisfaction is prioritised at all stages.

Step Three – Management of Returned Items

The way in which your returned items are managed can increase the efficiency of your stock flow:

  • Garments are returned to good stock for resale after being quality checked, refolded, and repackaged.
  • ‘Change of Mind’ items are returned to good stock for resale after being quality checked, repackaged.
  • Faulty or damaged products are either repaired by our in-house repairs team or graded for resale.
  • End of life stock which cannot be resold is recycled.
Step Three – Management of Returned Items

How Data Enhances Returns Management

If your returns are high, you’ll want to know what’s causing them. Prolog’s warehouse management system (WMS) provides eCommerce brands with all the data they need to analyse the problem and resolve it. It could be that the product doesn’t live up to its description on the website, or that there are quality issues.

Working in partnership with a 3pl can provides a sophisticated infrastructure for returns that puts brands back in control. They have the information they need to make decisions about product, and a partner that is providing unwavering customer service. The outcome is less complaints, greater brand loyalty, and more sales.

Are You Ready for 3pl Returns Management?

If you are looking for consistent eCommerce returns that make customers happy, we’d love to talk. Prolog has an established fulfilment centre, located at the heart of the UK, with flexible warehousing and a highly motivated workforce ready to provide excellent customer service.

Prolog doesn’t just offer the basics to eCommerce partners; at each stage of the fulfilment process, we offer a personalised service, that is tailored to your brand. We’re designed to deliver great service to you and your customers.

Would you like to find out what makes us different? Call Prolog Fulfilment today on 01623 724000 to speak to a fulfilment expert.

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