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Customised Packaging

Customised Packaging

Why Customised Packaging Benefits eCommerce Brands

Remember your first Apple product? Most people do, because the unboxing experience is entirely unique to the brand. Apple provides packaging that starts a conversation with the customer; it’s a sleek and elegant ergonomic promise, that the product is designed to fulfil.

“Design is intelligence made visible”

Branding Consultant, Alina Wheeler

If you’re an eCommerce brand looking to enhance your online impact, the way your product is packaged can be a game changer. Not only can customised packaging improve your cost-effectiveness, it also gives you the opportunity to delight your customers and demonstrate the uniqueness of your product.

Prolog’s Customised Packaging Value-Add

The specialist fulfilment team at Prolog is constantly innovating to meet the changing needs of our eCommerce customers. Right now, design and packaging are key to that evolution. For us, design is more than just the look and feel of an item, it’s a vital part in our supply chain management.

At Prolog we live the journey a product makes from artwork through box construction and safe transit, to the customer unboxing experience. We use our expertise to design packaging that ensures clients’ goods move efficiently, cost-effectively, and safely through the supply chain, whilst prioritising brand messaging.

5 Custom Packaging Benefits for eCommerce Brands

5 Customised Packaging Benefits for eCommerce Brands

As a 3PL partner Prolog is hugely invested in working with our eCommerce clients to increase average order value, grow the lifetime spend of their customers, and bake in brand loyalty. Customised packaging delivers 5 key benefits that help us to do that:

1. Customised Product Security

If you’re a cosmetics brand, or a craft subscription kit provider, one of your priorities will be to ensure that small, and sometimes fragile products, arrive in perfect condition. Customised packaging tailors design to the requirements of your brand, ensuring that products can be shipped securely, in order to arrive safely.

2. Optimised Packaging for Shipping & Storage

Design specialists at Prolog can optimise your packaging to reduce waste, streamline packages for transit and improve storage capability. Our designs minimise the environmental cost of packaging and maximise the potential for recycling. Where possible we use sustainable packaging in place of plastics, and we prioritise kerbside recycling materials.

3. A Great Unboxing Experience

How your product is packaged tells a story about who you are and why your product is special. Our designers work with eCommerce clients to use colours, logos, and textures that speak of brand uniqueness. Personalised materials can be added into the packaging and all our customised packaging is returns-ready.

4. Building Brand Loyalty

Prolog’s custom packaging extends to the creation of brand loyalty schemes. Loyalty cards personalise the buying experience for each customer, and reward those who encourage others to join the scheme. We help businesses to launch and maintain loyalty card schemes, including personalised messaging, packaging, and a range of carrier options.

5. Stand Out Packaging

Intelligent design demonstrates that you know your customers, you understand their needs, and that your brand uniquely matches their buying priorities. Generic packaging says nothing, whilst custom packaging speaks volumes.

Ready to Delight Your Customers?

If you are on the look-out for a 3PL partner who can offer the value-added services you need to grow as a brand, we’d love to talk to you. Prolog is centrally located, with flexible warehousing and a trained, highly motivated workforce.

We don’t just offer the basics; at every stage of the fulfilment process, we provide a personalised service which is tailored to your brand. We’re designed to deliver great service to you and your customers.

Would you like to find out what makes us different? Call Prolog Fulfilment today on 01623 724000 to speak to a fulfilment expert.

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