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Kitting & Subscription

Personalised Kitting & Subscription Services

Personalisation is your path to customer loyalty. In the UK subscription market, the one-size-fits-all model is no longer enough. Prolog Fulfilment’s custom kitting and subscription services redefine eCommerce, working with you to tailor products and packaging for your customers, exceeding their expectations, and driving loyalty.

Picking & Packing Expertise

Prolog Fulfilment’s trained pickers & packers deliver 99.97% accuracy, ensuring every order meets the highest standards. Our streamlined operations, powered by real-time tracking and integrated software, offer:

  • Excellent customer experience. Personalised kitting and subscription options build brand loyalty and drive positive engagement.
  • Optimised fulfilment. Agile management and high accuracy levels ensure efficient order processing and optimised packaging for delivery
  • Seamless integration. Prolog Fulfilment effortlessly connects with your existing systems, providing unparalleled visibility and control.
  • Fulfilment expertise. Benefit from our co-packing and subscription experience to navigate the evolving eCommerce landscape.
Picking and Packing Expertise

We Recognise That Every Brand is Different

At Prolog Fulfilment, we recognise that each brand has unique requirements for kitting and subscription fulfilment. To address this, we offer:

Prolog Can Help Your Brand to Scale

Prolog Fulfilment Can Help Your Brand to Scale

We know how important it is that your customers receive second-to-none service and a memorable unboxing experience. That’s why every aspect of our infrastructure and operations are focused on delivering beyond expectation.

Our goal is to provide the springboard for eCommerce businesses that are ready to scale. With Prolog Fulfilment providing a full range of order fulfilment services you can rely on, and expert advice and guidance at every stage, you’re primed for success.

Markets We Work In

Here are some of the markets that Prolog Fulfilment specialises in.

cosmetics fulfilment market

Cosmetics Fulfilment

Prolog partners a range of cosmetic, beauty and grooming brands; we ensure that their goods are stored, processed, and shipped expertly in order to reach customers fast, and in perfect condition. Read more.

pet food fulfilment

Pet Food Fulfilment

Pet food, accessories and specialist supplements is a growing market with exciting new products arriving all the time. As well as offering order fulfilment we can help brands develop repeat purchasing. Read more.

fashion fulfilment market

Fashion Fulfilment

We provide customised packaging as one of our value-adds, and the fashion brands we work with benefit from this service. They also gain from supply chain consultation and returns management. Read more.

Supplements & Vitamins Fulfilment

Supplements & Vitamins Fulfilment

The need to strengthen our immune systems and boost wellness is met by this market. With our tight batch controls, kitting knowledge, and subscription services, Prolog Fulfilment is the ideal partner for brands. Read more.

luxury fulfilment

Luxury Fulfilment

Our luxury brands are aware that their goods are given the respect and care they merit. They are kept in a secure location, packaged in accordance with brand standards, and are immediately shipped for unboxing. Read more.

sports fulfilment

Sports Fulfilment

From bicycles to swimwear and accessories, sports products come in many sizes and shapes. Prolog Fulfilment fulfils kit orders for multiple sports clubs offering warehousing, same-day shipping, and returns administration. Read more.

technology fulfilment

Technology Fulfilment

Prolog Fulfilment is trusted by brands to deliver tech products to customers quickly and in excellent condition, including TVs, computers, and headphones. Returns management offers same day replacements or refunds. Read more.

subscription box fulfilment market

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes can increase the lifetime spend of customers. With personalised packaging/online tracking, Prolog Fulfilment can help you launch a subscription service or expand an existing ones. Read more.

homeware fulfilment

Homeware Fulfilment

Prolog Fulfilment is an established 3PL that provides homeware fulfilment for eCommerce firms; we deliver your merchandise on schedule and in flawless condition in order to please your customers. Read more.

toys and games fulfilment

Toys and Games Fulfilment

We offer order fulfilment services to major toy and game manufacturers. From puzzles to board games, we keep your goods in our centres and pick, pack, and dispatch orders to your customers. Read more.

book fulfilment

Book Fulfilment

We work alongside eCommerce book merchants and publishers to guarantee that books are delivered on time and in outstanding condition. For our clients, we develop custom processes with a range of value adds. Read more.

hair and beauty fulfilment

Hair and Beauty Fulfilment

Prolog Fulfilment is a specialised fulfilment provider for hair and beauty outlets. We can turn a complex operation into a low-cost solution for your company. We have expertise in the handling and storing of small and delicate goods. Read more.

stationary and gift fulfilment

Stationary and Gift Fulfilment

Prolog Fulfilment works with a diverse broad range of stationery and gift merchants, from small local businesses to large eCommerce firms. We offer tailored packaging design solutions for your brand. Read more.

Kitting & Subscription FAQs

Kitting is the process of assembling multiple products, often from a range of vendors, into a single package or “kit,” which is then shipped to the customer.

  • Assembling Components. Kitting collates components from a range of vendors which are assembled to form one item.
  • Assembling Finished Goods. Single items that would normally be bought together, such as a duvet cover and pillowcases, are packaged as a larger item which can be picked and packed fast.
  • Pairing Items to Drive Sales. Trending items are often paired with ones that are less popular. Customers enjoy added value and profit is increased.

This is the process of making regular deliveries of subscription boxes to customers. Subscribers sign up to receive boxes containing the same items, or a variety of items at regular intervals – week, month quarter, for example.

eCommerce subscription fulfilment is a complex process which may include storing, picking and packing, customised kitting, inventory management and shipping.

At Prolog we collaborate with our brand partners to create a personalised process for their kitting and subscription needs.

  • Packaging and design. Packaging plays a key role in subscription box fulfilment. Prolog packaging experts use intelligent design to ensure that your products ship safely, cost-effectively and arrive in a perfect state to delight your customers. We can also design packaging to reflect your brand.
  • Mail Fulfilment and Printing. Prolog offers a ‘one-stop-shop’ for direct mail and custom printing. Our specialised mailings capacity provides fully automated mailing services and expert hand finishing for specialist tasks.
  • Customisation. Customers are looking for an unboxing experience that is unique to them. That’s why we offer a range of customisation services, from personalised t-shirts and sports kit, to engraved beauty accessories and embroidery for name tags, customised bags, and unique Santa sacks.
  • Kit Variation Builds. Our picking and packing professionals can manage simultaneous kit variation builds, and our kitting assembly lines guarantee maximum productivity, efficiency and consistency for your products.

Our team of industry experts source competitive international and UK shipping solutions for eCommerce brands. Whether you want to ship into Europe, or further afield, we can help with customs documentation to ensure smooth international clearance.

Prolog returns management offers customers a frictionless returns process with same-day replacements or refunds. Our goal is to minimise the return of damaged or incorrect items, but where they do occur, each item is repacked, returned, or recycled.

Prolog’s WMS provides clients with real-time visibility of their inventory levels, picking and packing, and eCommerce workflows. The progress of orders can be tracked through the entire fulfilment process, including the shipping status of items, and their transit to delivery.

Prolog doesn’t expect clients to wait on the phone for a solution. Our eCommerce fulfilment clients have dedicated support from trained agents who want to help, can ‘own’ the problem, and help you to efficiently resolve it. They will stay focused on the issue until it you are satisfied that it has been solved.

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