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Product Customisation Services

Product customisation is a fast-growing trend for eCommerce brands. Over 50% of online shoppers say they’re interested in purchasing customised products or services, and 1 in 4 say that they’re even prepared to pay a bit more for them. At Prolog Fulfilment we are constantly updating our in-house specialist customisation services, to ensure brands we work with stay ahead of developing trends.

A Range of Ways to Customise Your Product

Online shoppers are looking for an experience that feels unique and special to them. Customisation is a way to enhance the unboxing experience for customers and develop scaling capacity for brands. Prolog offers a range of in-house specialist customisation services as part of our 3pl value-added offering:

  • Heat Press customised t-shirts, sports shirts, workwear.
  • Print customised flyers, inserts, brochures, and direct mail.
  • Embroidery logos and names on workwear, sleeping bags, Santa sacks.
  • Kitting & Subscription machine or hand-picked collation.
  • Custom Packaging branded packaging and cost-effective shipping.
Product Customisation

4 Ways 3pl Help With Product Customisation

Customisation takes a variety of different forms, from engraving beauty accessories, to assembling craft or cosmetics kits. Producing customised products can be an arduous task for brands to take on. Partnering with a 3pl can be a great solution for time-poor businesses needing these value-adds.


Prolog Helps eCommerce Brands to Scale

We know how important it is to you that your customers receive second-to-none service and an unboxing experience that feels personal to them. That’s why every aspect of Prolog’s infrastructure and operations are focused on delivering beyond expectation.

Our goal is to provide the springboard for eCommerce businesses that are ready to scale. With Prolog providing a full range of value-added services you can rely on, plus expert advice and guidance at every stage, you’re primed to succeed.

Markets We Work In

Here are some of the markets that Prolog Fulfilment specialises in.

cosmetics fulfilment market

Cosmetics Fulfilment

We work with cosmetic, beauty, and grooming brands to ensure their products are appropriately stored, packaged, and dispatched to customers promptly and in perfect condition. Read more.

pet food fulfilment

Pet Food Fulfilment

The market for pet food, accessories, and supplements is expanding fast, with new goods being introduced all the time. Along with order fulfilment, we can support brands in the development of repeat business. Read more.

fashion fulfilment market

Fashion Fulfilment

We provide customised packaging as one of our value-adds, and many of the fashion businesses we work benefit from this. They also make use of supply chain consultation and returns management. Read more.

Supplements & Vitamins Fulfilment

Supplements & Vitamins Fulfilment

This sector fufils a growing demand for products that strengthen our immune systems and promote wellness. Prolog provides appropriate storage, stringent batch controls, and expert kitting/subscriptions. Read more.

luxury fulfilment

Luxury Fulfilment

Our high-end brands enjoy peace of mind that their goods receive the respect and care they merit. They are packaged to brand guidelines, stored safely, and efficiently dispatched for unboxing. Read more.

sports fulfilment

Sports Fulfilment

From bicycles to swimwear and accessories, sporting products come in all shapes and sizes. Prolog fulfils kit orders for sports clubs, offering warehousing, same-day shipping, and returns administration. Read more.

technology fulfilment

Technology Fulfilment

Prolog is trusted to deliver tech products to customers quickly and in excellent condition, including TVs, PCs, and headphones. Returns management ensures same-day replacements or reimbursements. Read more.

subscription box fulfilment market

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are the latest way to achieve the best value from brands. Prolog helps businesses to get started, or grow their existing subscription services with customisation and online tracking. Read more.

homeware fulfilment

Homeware Fulfilment

Prologue is a recognised 3PL provider that supplies homeware fulfilment for eCommerce firms; we deliver your items on time and in immaculate condition in order to please your shoppers. Read more.

toys and games fulfilment

Toys and Games Fulfilment

We provide order fulfilment solutions to major toy and game brands. From puzzles to board games, we retain your stock in our fulfilment centres and pick, pack, and ship orders to those who bought them. Read more.

book fulfilment

Book Fulfilment

We partner with eCommerce book vendors and publishers to make sure that books get to customers on schedule and in perfect condition. For our clients, we create unique processes with a range of value-adds. Read more.

hair and beauty fulfilment

Hair and Beauty Fulfilment

Prolog is a fulfilment specialist for hair and beauty retail outlets. We can turn a complicated operation into an affordable option for your company. We specialise in the handling and storing of small and delicate products. Read more.

stationary and gift fulfilment

Stationary and Gift Fulfilment

Prologue collaborates with a diverse range of stationery and gift brands, ranging from small enterprises to major eCommerce heavyweights. We offer tailored packaging and design services for your business. Read more.

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