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Global Fulfilment

Global Fulfilment

Prolog Fulfilment’s team of industry experts finds competitive international shipping solutions for eCommerce retailers who want to manage their supply and demand both in and out of the UK. Whether you need to switch back on your full market potential or you’re scaling up to reach a new customer base, we can help you turn global fulfilment challenges into opportunities.

Access Global Markets

Effective business solutions need the right resources in place to be effective. Prolog is an established global fulfilment partner with more than 3 decades’ experience of international shipping.

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union in 2016 brought new challenges and we have worked proactively to find solutions for our clients:

  1. API Integration With Key Carriers. We have a one-to-one approach which allows real time data transition for carrier manifest, despatch label creation and tracking reference allocation.
  2. Subject Matter Experts. Prolog invests in experts who can help us to arrive at the solutions we need. Our in-house team was key to our post-EU shipping strategy.
  3. Data Management. Our long-established systems of collecting, organising, and storing data provided a strong foundation for our current shipping solutions, along with built-in, fail-safe checks on mandatory data ensuring successful clearance at Customs check points.
  4. Industry Knowledge & Contacts. Leaving the EU was a massive shift for UK trade. We work collaboratively with industry forums and fulfilment contacts to shape collective knowledge into solutions.
  5. Confirmed Inco Terms – DDU/DDP/DAP. DDP (Deliveries Duty Paid) and DDU/DAP (Deliveries Duty Unpaid) are values that affect customs clearance. Key to managing customers’ expectations regarding costs and delivery times. The Prolog Team will help you make the right choice for your business and your end customer.

Fail-Safe Data Checks

eCommerce Partners Experience:

We are constantly innovating in order to optimise our global fulfilment operations and maximise our cost-effectiveness for clients. Our automated operations include:

global fulfilment

Need Help and Support With Global Fulfilment?

Prolog offers seamless shipping into the UK, Ireland, Europe and internationally. Whatever you want to ship and wherever it needs to go, Prolog Fulfilment has the infrastructure and expertise to make it happen. Whether you’re new to global fulfilment, or you’re finding it difficult to maintain the markets you’ve always sold to, we’re here to help.

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