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Returns Management

Quick and Easy Returns Process for Customers

Prolog pick and pack systems are designed to eliminate inaccuracy, and all our packaging is optimised for minimal damage in transit. There are numerous reasons why customers return products, though, and our goal is to handle the process quickly and efficiently for them.

9 out of 10 consumers say that they would use a business again if it’s easy to return goods. We integrate with your payment systems to facilitate a quick process of refunds via the original payment method, creating a full audit trail. You’ll receive monthly returns data allowing you to understand and reduce return rates.

Quick and Easy Return Process for Customers

Management of Returned Goods

Whilst customer-facing returns management is all important, so is the way in which returned items handling can contribute to the efficiency of your stock flow.

Customer and Retailer Benefits

Hassle-free returns management benefits both your customers and your brand:

  • Refunds – a simple and efficient refund process is vital for maintaining customer satisfaction.
  • Replacements – where customers want to exchange goods, our returns management facilitates this.
  • Frictionless – our returns process is fully integrated, removing any hassles for your or your customers.
  • Brand Reputation – an efficient returns process reinforces your brand’s positive image.
  • Less Complaints – well-managed returns significantly reduce customer complaints.
  • Customer Loyalty – a watertight returns policy creates and retains loyal customers.
  • Better Cash Flow – returns reduce the amount of working capital you have tied up.

Reporting for Marketing Intelligence

Returns provide retailers with valuable marketing information. We’ll send you monthly reports containing detailed information about ‘reasons for return’ with supporting evidence and analysis. This kind of data can help inform your strategies around customer trends and tastes and provide ways to minimise your ‘return my order’ requests.

Returns Management FAQs

It really depends upon the sector. Our clients who ship cosmetics see a lower rate of around 5% returns, whilst those shipping footwear or clothing experience higher rates of 15-35%.

If your brand is dealing with 1-10 returns each day, it probably wouldn’t make sense for you to outsource returns management. Some of the clients we work with though, deal with high volumes of returns each month.

Prolog’s order fulfilment process is optimised to reduce returns, but those that remain are dealt with quickly and efficiently.  Our frictionless returns process provides either a refund or a replacement item – all resolved within 24 hours. Our service is consistently friendly, efficient, and on-brand, ensuring that customer satisfaction is prioritised at all stages.

We work with clients to create a personalised set of returns rules and guidelines for the Prolog team to work with. Getting standard returns processes and guidelines in place will keep your customers happy. Research shows that 92% of customers who have a positive experience of returns management, will return to buy again.

Prolog integrates with numerous eCommerce platforms including Amazon, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, 3dcart, Prestashop, BigCommerce, Weebly, ShopWired.

It’s all part of the service! If your return rate is high, we’re able to provide data trends to find out what may be causing it. Prolog’s warehouse management system (WMS) provides eCommerce brands with all the data they need to analyse the problem and resolve it. It could be that a product is consistently arriving damaged, in which case we can consider changing the design of the packaging.

Prolog’s WMS offers real-time visibility of inventory levels, picking and packing, returns management, and eCommerce workflows. Clients can track the progress through the entire order fulfilment process, see whether items have been shipped and track their transit to delivery.

Prolog clients received dedicated support from trained agents who want to help, will ‘own’ the problem, and can resolve it efficiently and effectively. They will stay with your issue until it is solved to your satisfaction.

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