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Case Study – Sporting Apparel Fulfilment

Sporting Apparel Fulfilment

Prolog Fulfils Kit Orders for Multiple Sports Clubs

In the UK, football and rugby is not so much a game as a way of life. Its impact is massive, evoking a degree of passion and commitment that is baffling to anyone who isn’t a fan. Support is about being at the matches and feeling part of the culture. It’s also – in large part – about wearing the kit. Which is where sporting apparel fulfilment comes in.

Sports clothing is forecast to dominate the UK sportwear market by 2025. Prolog is delighted, therefore, to be working with a sporting apparel partner who is responsible for supplying kit for multiple football and rugby clubs via both eCommerce and retail fulfilment. As their fulfilment partner, we’re responsible for:

  • Goods in – mixed carton apparel
  • Inventory – affixing barcodes
  • B2B & B2C fulfilment
  • Same day despatch
  • Warehouse management of 7,500 SKUs
  • Returns management

Product Customisation and Launches

Sport is all about being part of a team, so sporting apparel fulfilment places a premium on product customisation. Our client offers a popular personalisation option for both adult and junior kits. These items are fulfilled in full by Prolog; we use a heat press to add the required name, number, and any additional branding or sponsorship logos to shirts and shorts.

During kit launches Prolog holds consumer orders on back order. They are collated, personalised and future scanned. This allows for a quick release on the launch date and guarantees 100% of customer orders are despatched as promised. 

Sports Fulfilment

Returns Management by Prolog Fulfilment

9 out of 10 shoppers say that a good returns process is essential to their brand loyalty. Prolog provides no fuss returns management for clients by integrating with their payment system in order to ensure same day refunds using their original payment method. We also provide management of customer services for multiple sports clubs, using their own in-house system.

sports apparel fulfilment

International Shipping

Sporting apparel fulfilment may be massive in the UK, but it’s not confined to our shores. We ship our client’s orders to the UK, Ireland, Europe, and the rest of world. Our built in fail safe functions on data ensure that all our international despatches reach their destination without extended customers delays or costs being incurred.

Prolog Sporting Apparel Fulfilment – The Numbers

At Prolog, each and every employee is considered to be a fulfilment expert, whether they specialise in receiving inventory, or personalising sport kit. They all play a critical role in the intricately designed process that consistently delivers successful order fulfilment for the brands we work with. Here are the numbers for our sporting apparel client:

Sporting Apparel Fulfilment Excellence

Our aim at Prolog Fulfilment is to help our partners to scale by exceeding their customers’ expectations:

  • 50K cost savings realised through continuous improvement 21/22.
  • Maintained same day despatch for consumer orders (including peak periods).
  • Maintained same day 99.97% picking accuracy.
  • Management of hold/release for kit launches, fulfilling 100% customer guarantee.
  • All returns processed within 24hrs.

Are You Ready to Scale?

If you’re looking for an order fulfilment specialist, with the expertise and infrastructure to provide tailored solutions for your fulfilment, we would love to talk to you. Call our consultancy team today – tell us about your plans for your business and find out how we can help to fulfil them.

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