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With decades of industry expertise, we specialise in global fulfilment solutions for high-growth clients. Prolog provides technology-driven, sustainable solutions for brand leaders.


Empower your brand’s sustainable growth with Prolog. We have Carbon Neutral status, awarded by the Carbon Trust and are well on our way to Net Zero. Be part of achieving a greener future for everyone.

Order Fulfilment

Whether it’s eCommerce, POS or one-off personalised gifts we have the knowledge, systems and creative flair to handle small to large daily volumes and exceed your customers’ expectations.

eCommerce Fulfilment

eCommerce allows online brands of all sizes to sell their products or services online. Prolog Fulfilment provides you with the infrastructure and expertise to scale your business successfully.

Kitting & Subscription

Scalable solutions for eCommerce delivering personalised kitting & subscription services. Our solutions are designed to dovetail with platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce.

Reverse Logistics

We aim to minimise returns but where they occur a simple and efficient system retains customers. We put in place a frictionless process with same-day replacements and refunds. All returns are repacked, returned, or recycled.

B2B Retail

Many of our B2B clients have been with us for over a decade. Prolog is an established fulfilment provider, with an excellent track record on deliveries. We can provide customer service if required.


Empower your brand's sustainable growth with Prolog. We have Carbon Neutral status, awarded by the Carbon Trust and are well on our way to Net Zero. Be part of achieving a greener future for everyone.


Fast Track
Your Growth

At Prolog Fulfilment, we don’t just provide fulfilment services, we provide fulfilment solutions.

We create custom integrations and systems that put our clients’ needs first.

We’re not just a fulfilment company, we’re a strategic partner that provides an unparalleled level of support and visibility.

How We Do It

Prolog Fulfilment Services

As your fulfilment partner, we take on the entire process, from inventory management to order fulfilment to returns processing. Clients enjoy end-to-end visibility, and orders can be checked by customers online. We handle eCommerce, B2B, D2C, FBA, FBM.

Prolog Warehousing

Our warehouse management system (WMS) ensures that every item we receive from your suppliers is accounted for and stored in a structured way. With real-time stock control, you can have complete confidence in our ability to fulfil orders quickly and accurately.

Picking and Packing

Our dynamic systems management ensures we meet even the most demanding of customer requirements, with market-leading accuracy and efficiency. Prolog’s tech-led systems allow us to process orders quickly and get them out the door, with minimal delay.


Prolog offers a full range of local, national, and global fulfilment options. Every item that leaves our warehouse is fully tracked, with live data available. And our global reach means we can support your business as it grows and expands into new markets.

Delivered to Customer

One of the most crucial step towards fulfilment is your product arriving to your customer. It can’t be efficiently possible without the help of a valuable and trusted 3PL Provider. We ensure the safety and intactivity of your product when it reaches your customers hand.

Prolog Returns Management

Our returns management process is simple and easy for your customers, with quick replacements or refunds. We aim to make sure that your customers are satisfied and happy with their purchase. And our returns are sustainable, with items repacked, reused, or recycled to minimise waste.

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