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Reward Schemes Management

Multi-Channel Reward Schemes

A reward scheme is the perfect way to build and develop long-term relationships with employees or customers. It boosts brand awareness, encourages customer loyalty and drives employee engagement. Rewards are available in several forms, from points systems for online purchases to vouchers, gift cards and pre-paid cards.

Strategy, Data, and Delivery

Wondering how to launch a rewards scheme? As your fulfilment partner, we can ensure your rewards scheme launches effectively and reaches the people you want it to engage.

Once it’s up and running, we work as your partner, managing your reward scheme, while you enjoy the benefits accruing from it. Prolog rewards scheme services include:

  • Database management. The integration of our systems with yours to facilitate your requirements.
  • Multi-channel engagement. Dedicated customer service via our professional call centre, webchat, and email capabilities.
  • Print management. Personalised packs, promotional packages and a range of loyalty card styles and finishes.
  • Mailing. A professional mail fulfilment service ensuring that your gift cards or vouchers are delivered accurately and efficiently.
  • Reporting. Regular reporting, providing you with transparency, data and analysis of your rewards campaign.
Multi-Channel Reward Schemes​

Reward Your Customers

Reward Your Employees

Ready to Launch Your Reward Scheme With Prolog?

Ready to Launch Your Reward Scheme With Prolog?

As an established fulfilment provider, Prolog has an existing infrastructure that can offer you everything you need to run a successful rewards scheme.

Not only that, our Contact Centre has been managing VIP, loyalty card schemes and reward schemes for iconic British brands for over 30 years.

Prolog offers peace of mind, providing systems, services and detailed brand training for employees working on your behalf.

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