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Case Study – Beauty Box Subscriptions

Beauty Box Subscriptions

Tailored Kitting and Fulfilment for a Beauty Subscription Service

Subscription services have grown massively over the past five years. Subscribers in the UK spend £2 billion each year on them, and 26% of those sales are in cosmetics, beauty, and grooming products. Beauty box subscriptions are a runaway success for the sector, offering a handpicked selection of beauty and skincare products delivered monthly to your door.

Prolog provides monthly management of beauty box subscriptions, for circa 150-180k subscribers on behalf of our client. Fulfilment of the subscriptions requires multiple kit variations, according to customer requirements, and promotional material is included to accompany specific branded products. Kits are collated and shipped at the start of each month to ensure the despatch meets client ‘allocation’ data and inbuilt QC checks.

Prolog eCommerce Solution for Beauty Box Subscription Fulfilment

Prolog works with eCommerce brands to create a personalised fulfilment solution that meets their customer service standards, branding requirements, and monthly sales volume.

Our tailored beauty box subscriptions solution comprises:

  • Use of cross docking to meet monthly collation.
  • Material & build instructions for each kit variation.
  • All beauty box components are picked in bulk.
  • We utilise kitting assembly lines.
  • Our process facilitates simultaneous kit variation builds.
  • QC checking is built in at the end of the collation line.
  • Promotional material is inserted into branded shipper.
  • Taping machine applies a consistent seal on T-shipper.
  • Customs paperwork raised to ensure smooth international custom clearance
  • Boxes are aligned to label files to fit tailored customer kit variations.
  • IT integration with Shopify.
Prolog eCommerce Solution for Beauty Box Subscription Fulfilment

Prolog’s eCommerce Fulfilment Infrastructure

Our ability to create tailored eCommerce solutions in collaboration with 3pl clients is founded on an infrastructure that blends employee expertise with order fulfilment experience stretching over 3 decades. This combination creates the potential for a highly efficient eCommerce fulfilment service, enhanced by a range of value-adds that are designed to delight customers and maximise their lifetime spend.

Our beauty box subscriptions client enjoys all the basic fulfilment services we offer:

Order Fulfilment Process

Additionally, we provide subscription kitting, customer support, packaging procurement, and personalised print on demand.

Prolog eCommerce Fulfilment for Beauty Box Subscriptions – the Numbers

At Prolog, we consider each of our employees to be a fulfilment expert, whether they are part of the IT team, receive goods in, or specialise in kitting. Everyone has a critical role to play in the sophisticated process that delivers successful fulfilment for our 3pl partners.

Here are the numbers for our beauty box subscriptions:

Customised Fulfilment From Prolog

Are you looking for an eCommerce fulfilment specialist that has the expertise and infrastructure to create personalised solutions for kitting and subscription? If so, we’d love to talk to you. Call our consultancy team today to tell us about your plans and find out how we can fulfil them for you.

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