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What Does a Prolog Account Manager Do?

What Does a Prolog Account Manager Do?

What Does a Prolog Account Manager Do?

“Working with new accounts is always new, and always fascinating. At Prolog we offer personalisation every step of the way for the brands we work with, and our dedicated account managers are the linchpin to making that happen successfully, every time.”

Senior Account Manager, Prolog

What does a Prolog Account Manager do? We start by understanding what businesses are feeling when they hand over fulfilment of their products to us. It’s a nerve-wracking moment, having painstakingly built a successful business, to hand over the order fulfilment and customer service reins reins to a third party. The Account Manager is there, initially, to navigate the transition and ensure that the process is both seamless and successful.

The Account Manager is Your Dedicated Point of Contact

Onboarding is all about detailed communication with all the different teams involved on your order fulfilment. Rather than bombarding new accounts with a whole range of voices, however, the Account Manager provides a single point of contact. They set up the meetings required, ensure that information flows efficiently, and guide you through the processes that need to be completed.

Having a dedicated account manager means that you can contact them with questions, as and when they occur. If there’s a problem, they will be the person to pick it up and resolve it for you. And alongside the practical steps they’re taking to ensure seamless transition, they’re learning about your business and your brand. Because your Account Manager is like a proxy member of your team, operating in your interests and on your behalf.

Getting Order Fulfilment Right For Your Brand

At Prolog we offer a personalised process to each new account we work with. In order to achieve this, our Account Managers provide close attention to detail for each of the stages a product goes through in order to arrive, on time and in perfect condition, with the customer. This means:

What Does a Prolog Account Manager Do After Onboarding?

At Prolog the emphasis is always on creating long-term professional relationships with brands. We want to see our clients grow and succeed, and that means being part of an ongoing journey. When the onboarding process is complete, and the regular communication about setup has settled down, it’s time to move from the present to consideration of the future.

“Once I’ve got an account running seamlessly day-to-day my time is no longer taken up with immediate problem solving. So, my attention switches to ways we could improve the process going forward and maximise the value we can offer. At Prolog we look for ways that we can help our accounts to grow – not every fulfilment company does that.”

Senior Account Manager, Prolog

We schedule in regular review meetings with our accounts, alongside the calls that become a regular feature of the business relationship. Many of Prolog’s accounts have been with us for more than a decade, and they feel very much an integral part of who we are. As a 3pl, we do far more than provide a packing and shipping service; we work in partnership with brands to maximise their potential success.

Prolog Takes Account Management Seriously

What does a Prolog Account Manager do? They’re ambassadors, fulfilment specialists, trouble-shooters, and excellent communicators. Their investment of time and attention ensures seamless onboarding and a fruitful long-term relationship for both parties.

If you are looking for a 3PL partner who will provide the account management you require to personalise your fulfilment process, and grow your business, we would love to talk. Prolog has an established fulfilment centre, located at the heart of the UK, with flexible warehousing and a trained, highly motivated workforce.

At Prolog we don’t just offer the basics; at every stage of the fulfilment process, we tailored experience bespoke to your brand. We’re designed to deliver great service to you and your customers.

Would you like to find out what makes us different? Call Prolog Fulfilment today on 01623 724000 to speak to a fulfilment expert.

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