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Order Fulfilment Services

Order Fulfilment Services

Prolog’s Order Fulfilment Services – Delivered by Specialists

When clients visit the Prolog fulfilment centre there are two things they tend to comment on. First, they talk about the sheer range of order fulfilment services that combine to make up our operation. Second, they tell us that they ‘like the feel of the place’; they enjoy the fact that the owners can be found on the floor with everyone else, and that they take the time to stop and chat.

What people sense as they encounter the Prolog workplace culture for the first time, is the pride we feel in every single member of our remarkable team. Each employee is a fulfilment expert, whether their specialism is order management, or warehouse operations. They all play a critical role in the intricate process that delivers successful order fulfilment for the brands we work with.

What is the Order Fulfilment Process?

There are 5 steps that make up our order fulfilment services, each of them requiring specific skills:

Order Fulfilment Process

1. Receiving Goods In

Clients’ goods arrive at the Prolog fulfilment centre packaged and with a barcode. Our inventory team checks them for accuracy, paying particular attention to the description of the goods, the product codes, and the quantities per SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). If any items are damaged, the issue is logged and photographed.

Our receiving team treat incoming inventory as if it’s their own stock they are dealing with. The care and attention they provide, ensures the smooth running of all subsequent operations.

2. Storage of Inventory

Our clients require different kinds of warehouse storage – cartons, pallets, pick boxes. Our storage team position inventory in order to optimise the productivity of the picking and packing team. Fast moving items are placed closer to the picking benches ensuring that those items requiring multiple journeys each day, are easiest to access.

Picking and packing soaks up around 95% of the cost to our clients. By creating smart storage systems, the warehousing team improves productivity, and makes the process more cost effective.

3. Picking and Packing

If your picking and packing team lacks knowledge, experience, or motivation there is a direct impact on clients. Most obviously, returns and complaints increase, which can lead to a loss of customers. Pickers and packers ensure the accuracy and condition of items being shipped to customers. Picking processes are tracked, using our Warehouse Management System ensuring accuracy, a clear audit trail and ongoing productivity optimisation.

Our picking and packing employees are trained and understand the differing requirements of the brands they work with. We offer single item picking, kitting, and subscription order fulfilment services, all managed by specialists.

4. Shipping the Order

Prolog uses a range of carriers to deliver completed orders to customers. This part of the process is aided considerably by the central location of our main distribution centre. We’re based in Nottinghamshire, just 2 minutes from Junction 27 of the M1. We have no problem, therefore, with late order cut off times because of our easy access to all the major UK road networks and distribution hubs.

5. Returns Management

9 out of 10 shoppers say that simple returns are essential to their brand loyalty. Prolog facilitates no fuss returns by integrating with brands’ payment systems to ensure speedy refunds using the original payment method. Clients receive monthly returns data which helps them to understand and reduce return rates.

As well as handling the customer-facing process, our returns team also manages returned items handling to maximise the efficiency of clients’ stock flow:

  • Garments are quality checked, refolded, repackaged and returned to good stock.
  • ‘Change of Mind’ returns are quality checked, repackaged, and returned to good stock for resale.
  • Faulty or damaged products are either repaired or graded for reselling.
  • Stock that has reached its endpoint is recycled.

Are You Ready to Exceed Your Customers’ Expectations?

At Prolog Fulfilment we believe that recognising the value of every employee, and understanding the contribution each one of them makes to our order fulfilment services, is important. Because it improves the quality of our operations. If you’re looking for an order fulfilment specialist, with the expertise and infrastructure to provide tailored solutions for your fulfilment, we would love to talk to you.

Call Prolog Fulfilment today to find out how we can help, or to take a tour of our distribution centre, call 01623 724000

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