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Planning to Scale in the United States?

Prolog order fulfilment company

Helping your business scale in the United States

What’s better than one fulfilment company? Two of the best fulfilment companies. Coming together to ensure outstanding service for your company to touch a broader client base of the US market. 

From left to right: Brittany Visin, Ryan Calvin, VP of Business Development at Prolog – James Coleman, CEO of Prolog Fulfilment – Neil Daniells, Nikil Prabhakar, Jason DePietropaolo, TJ Moriarty

Why should you Scale in the US?

Diverse Market

With a population of 335 million (source: US Census Bureau), There is a broader audience in the US that could potentially be looking for your products. Targeting a wider audience can help your product reach a whole new market. 

E-Commerce Friendly

The US has a well developed infrastructure for the E-commerce market which makes it easy to reach your target audience. 

Brand Recognition

US brands hold significant global recognition (source: World Trademark Review). Scaling your business in the US can make your brand globally recognisable, making it easier to expand your business into a whole new market. 

Maximising your reach

Pushing your product to the US from UK and EU can be like targeting a whole new market. If you are a business owner from the UK or EU, you should know that the US e-commerce market is expected to reach $1.4 trillion by 2024

(https://www.statista.com/markets/413/e-commerce/), indicating a strong online buying culture.This vast market presents a significant growth opportunity for your business with the assistance of Prolog Fulfilment and Capacity.

Your products can now reach your customers safely and securely without the extra worrying of sending into another region with this fulfilment partnership of the decade. 

“Every brand knows that meeting the consumer’s delivery expectations plays a huge role in satisfaction and loyalty. Being able to tap into Prolog’s existing infrastructure and its deep knowledge of the UK is huge. When a UK customer places an order with a US-based brand, they’re no longer waiting 10, 12 days for it to arrive. It shows up exactly when they expect it to.”

Jeff Kaiden



Being on the same page

Prolog and Capacity both use state of the art technology and processes to make sure your orders are fulfilled just like your dreams. This partnership removes the hassle of your business expanding into new horizons. 

“We structured this partnership with seamlessness in mind. When a Capacity client wants to expand into the United Kingdom and the EU, all they have to do is say so. Everything else happens almost automatically with no new processes or systems to learn.”

James Coleman

Business Development Director

Prolog Fulfilment

Advantages of Expanding your business with Prolog and Capacity

Combined Strength 

Prolog and Capacity can share best practices and knowledge for your company in the areas like warehouse management, technology, and logistics. Making sure your products leave from the UK and EU safely and securely reaching the land far away. 


US products may need adaptation to suit local preferences in the UK and EU. This could involve things like packaging, labelling, or even product features. All that can be handled by Prolog Fulfilment so that your products have no reason not to reach your consumers across the world.

Reduced Risk

Fulfilment companies handle storage, picking, packing, and shipping, freeing US businesses to focus on core operations and reducing the risk of errors in the fulfilment process.

Faster Delivery Times

Capacity provides storage space in the US, eliminating the need for a UK business to set up their own warehousing and distribution network in the US. This saves on upfront costs and ongoing management headaches, as well as promising faster delivery times. 


A US fulfilment partner allows you to easily scale your US operations as your business grows. You don’t need to worry about expanding your own warehouse space or hiring additional staff in the US to ensure your business growth in the States.

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