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How Prolog Helped Copycat Establish an Efficient Inventory Management System

Efficient Inventory Management System


Founded in 2017, Copycat Fragrances is spreading its scent worldwide through its amazing range of fragrances. With almost 10,000 Reviews on TrustPilot alone, they have gone on to create a legacy in the perfume industry.

Moving From An In-House Operation To a 3PL

With a wide product range, Copycat was pushing out their products through in-house storage and logistics, which was a huge hassle for such a big company, but that’s where Prolog saved the day. Copycat had been utilising the In-House Operation for quite some time, and moving to a 3PL was a huge success for them. When asked why they would outsource it to a 3PL like Prolog. Here’s what they had to say

“We decided that having a partner on board would probably be a better way for us to be scaling the business and ensuring that the product was delivered on time to the customers…“ 

In-House Operation To a 3PL

What Challenges Did Copycat Face?

Copycat liked working with us for a good time. Copycat found it difficult to keep their products properly labelled, which in terms created confusion and wrong delivery to the customer.

Why Prolog Fulfilment?

Having a Fulfilment business by your side takes away a hectic part of your business. Doing in-house fulfilment can often lead to clarity and better customer service. To tackle such problems, Prolog Fulfilment shines bright and offers FBA and FBM services to ensure each order is delivered to your customer’s doorstep. 

“ You gave us more of a solution, a wider set of solutions that helped the business to look at other options”, said Copycat While conversing with the Prolog Team.

What Changed After Prolog?

When the orders were rushing in, looking at the bright and busy prospect of their business, it was best for Copycat to outsource their storage and delivery processes to a company that has been an expert in the said field for years. They had taken a step in the right direction with these decisions and continued to see the logistic part of the business handled with absolute care.

“Absolutely Game Changer in terms of Before and After” said Copycat

What Did Prolog Do To Help?

Copycat needed help with organising their products. With numerous orders coming every day, it becomes difficult to keep track of all the orders, which results in the wrong product being sent to the customer. This created a to-and-fro exchange between Copycat and the customer, which turned out to be quite the hassle. This is where Prolog Fulfilment stepped in and utilised the finest product labelling and barcode implementation. This allowed Copycat to move effortlessly and feel more comfortable in their business. This also allowed for lesser returns due to the products being completely labelled.

To keep it concise, Prolog Helped to:

  • Establish better customer care
  • No errors in delivery 
  • Professional handling of fragile products
  • Freed the hands and minds of Copycat to be utilised elsewhere
Prolog inventory management system

Building a Relationship With The Brand

We have always focused on building your business by taking the load off your plate, which is why we have maintained good relationships with all of our clients, leaving little to no clients dissatisfied. Our problem-solving attitude helps us take over your problem as our own, which also made Copycat able to trust our services for a long period of time. 

“ The Relationship we got with Prolog is a really, really strong one.”

Why Not Any Other 3PL?

“ There are plenty of 3PL out there that would store stock and deliver stock, but you guys had a USP in terms of one service, but more importantly, the immigration piece that we had done with Prolog has been seamless.”

Copycat always felt at home while working with such an experienced 3PL where they could brainstorm their ideas together with their fulfilment team, which really gave them valuable insights into the business and made Prolog Fulfilment stand out from other fulfilment companies out there. 

Copycats' Advice To Their Own Sector

All of the products that Copycat sells are glass and liquid-based, and they crucially need to be controlled. They need to make sure that the product arrives well to the customer, and that can only be made possible with good stock management and supply chain. To do so, Copycat has advised to partner up with the efficient fulfilment company that is Prolog.

What’s The Potential Of Our Partnership?

When Prolog took Copycat’s mind off the worries of fulfilment, They started working on a new growth strategy, a 3-year plan. Also confirmed that they will be moving into 3 New Sectors just because of the lifted weight of worries courtesy of Prolog Fulfilment

“ The CEO wants the business to completely succeed just as everyone that’s involved in it, and we see Prolog as a key partner to that growth.”

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