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How Does Prolog eCommerce Fulfilment Work?

Prolog eCommerce Fulfilment

A customer’s online purchase triggers a series of actions that culminate in delivering their goods to their doorstep. This is the meat and potatoes of Prolog Fulfilment’s expertise in online order fulfilment. Businesses can rest easy knowing their products will arrive on time and in perfect condition since we handle all the complicated logistics. When you work with us to simplify your online store operations, you may free up time and energy to concentrate on other parts of your company. 

Also, effective e-commerce fulfilment helps businesses track their day-to-day operations more efficiently. 

Steps in E-commerce fulfilment

Businesses nowadays like to look for easy getaways to speed up the process. However, these are some steps businesses can’t go wrong with. So here is an overview of what the e-commerce fulfilment process steps involve:


After ordering, customers receive their parcel. But before that happens, the e-commerce business must first make or receive its goods. Unless items are in stock, they cannot be fulfilled as an order. 

Unless the business manufactures items, they will typically arrive at a fulfilment centre having been shipped either from external manufacturers or suppliers. When they arrive at the fulfilment centre, items are checked and inspected. Doing so not only confirms that the items are correct but also that they meet the expected standard of quality. For example, if items with defects are shipped to customers, this would create a poor customer experience and could harm the business’s reputation. 

Once the items have been checked, the inventory systems must record the quantities, displaying available stock levels. 

Inventory Management

The term “inventory management” describes the steps taken to track products as they migrate from producers to storage facilities and, eventually, to customers. This method has advantages, including optimising stock levels, lowering costs, limiting stockouts, increasing customer happiness, and boosting overall supply chain efficiency. 

One of Prolog Fulfilment’s primary services is efficient inventory management, which helps companies with pricing, manufacturing, and buying. It helps manage stock levels and improves safety and ease of order processing. With Prolog Fulfilment, you can take control of your inventory and streamline your operations for maximum efficiency. 

Order Processing 

Products must be identified, selected, packed, and prepared for shipment once a customer orders. So, when you outsource your order processing to a 3PL, it’s essential to maintain open lines of communication, set up service-level agreements (SLAs), and evaluate performance often via evaluations of KPIs and other metrics.

Before you hire a third-party logistics provider, be sure they have solid methods for keeping tabs on orders, handling inventory, and helping customers. If you trust Prolog Fulfilment, we will ensure that everything runs well. This preparedness will give you a sense of security, knowing you are ready for any situation. 

Shipping And Delivery

Each package has the customer’s address attached to ensure it is delivered correctly. Prolog is committed to providing a fast and reliable delivery service. Our goal is for items to arrive as expected, on time, and in perfect condition. We offer trackable updates so customers can monitor their shipment’s progress and know the exact date and time of delivery. With Prolog, you can trust that your items will be handled with care and efficiency from the moment they leave our facility until they reach your doorstep.

Returns Processing

Only some orders will be subject to returns processing. However, returns processing is the last stage of e-commerce fulfilment, which occurs when consumers ask to return products. Return items must be received and examined. Stock levels must be updated to reflect the item’s return to inventory. Lastly, customers need to be refunded or have item exchanges issued. 

Benefits Of Having Prolog As An Order Fulfilment Partner For Your E-Commerce Business

Provide Personalised Packaging

An order fulfilment partner thinks inside and outside the box. For most e-commerce businesses, first-time customers get their products when they arrive at their doors; presently, battered brown boxes wrapped in duct tape will not cut it.

At Prolog, we believe in the power of personalised packaging. Our innovative choices allow you to create custom shipping inserts, coupons, and boxes, elevating your packaging to a new level of excitement with each customer purchase. This personalised touch, based on spending behaviours, demographics, anniversaries, or birthdays, not only fosters loyalty but also turns shoppers into enthusiastic brand advocates, fueling your business growth. Imagine your customers’ excitement when they receive a package tailored just for them.

Concentrate On Growing Your E-commerce Business

You may not have started your e-commerce business because you enjoy packing boxes. Even if filling and wrapping techniques are out of this world, the other skills you bring into your business will make it unique. Additionally, as your online sales volume grows, your time becomes scarce. Even with a small yet efficient and talented team, you can spend only a few business hours packing and shipping orders.

Outsourcing your order fulfilment to Prolog will save you time and allow you to focus on the core aspects of your business. Wouldn’t you instead handle online marketing, product sourcing, and sales instead of back-end logistics?

Get The Best Technology And Inventory Management

Another benefit of an order fulfilment partner is that it has the technology, experience, and industry leadership to make your e-commerce business run effectively. At Prolog, we provide seamless software integration with your sales channels and other management tools that optimise inventory optimisation and carrier selection tasks.


A fulfilment company enables you to efficiently organise, store, and ship your e-commerce business orders. It will manage, store, and receive your products and offer easy access to tracking the levels of your current stock.

Prolog Fulfilment distinguishes itself from competitors by offering unique features. We mitigate the risk of shipping errors and ensure that our inventory technology, streamlined pick-and-pack methods, automated processes, and advanced return-and-receiving procedures provide efficient and accurate fulfilment processing. These features set us apart and make us a reliable partner for your e-commerce business.

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