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Benefits of Product Customisation in E-Commerce

Consumers’ behaviour has evolved over the years. In fact, modern-day shoppers are keen on looking for personalised products. To illustrate, approximately 60% of clients say they would become repeat buyers if they had a personalised shopping experience with a brand.

Younger generations are looking for brands that can provide them with great tailored experiences, offering items that reflect their personalities. An essential tenet of luxury brands is uniqueness. What better way to provide it than to deliver a singular, customised version of the product based on clients’ tastes? Engaging consumers in the co-creation process is a potent method to enhance the perceived prestige while fostering personalised interactions with each individual customer. 

What Is Product Customisation?

So, without further ado, let us tell you why you should sell personalised products on your e-commerce store using product customisation software.

  • Because Customers Like It:

Product customisation adds a personal touch to the product and exclusivity value to the experience. When customers design it their way, the end product not only remains a product but also gains sentimental value whether they are creating it for themselves or someone else. Customers will be more connected to your brand and unlikely to return purchased goods. Product customisation is akin to a bonding experience that brings customers closer to your brand.

Product customisation is a revolution that has come to stay, and its market keeps growing daily. Customers tend to prefer unique products rather than regular ones: something that clearly states, “This is mine.” The demand for personalised products is out there and will only keep growing.

  • Product Customisation Builds Customer Loyalty:

‍A product personalisation or customisation strategy establishes a connection between the brand and its customers while significantly improving customer retention. They will return and refer your brand more often to friends and family.

Receiving a personalised product made exactly as you created it will directly impact that brand’s trust and loyalty. If you have a robust solution that fulfils the products exactly as your customers designed them, you will have loyal customers for life.

  • Increase Sales:

Customers do not hesitate to pay extra for a personalised item because they see it not just as a product but as something of their own. We can back this up by citing a study by Deloitte, which reports that 1 in every 5 consumers would not mind paying 20% extra for an exclusive product.

The same survey shows that customers are also willing to wait a little longer to receive products customised by and for them.

  • Get Better Insights Into Your Customers

When customers interact with digital goods and purchase customised products, brands can collect that information and utilise it to offer other products based on their previous preferences.

  • Increased User Engagement :

Personalisation attracts more users to your site. The more users engage with your website, the higher the likelihood of conversions. Moreover, if your customers can relate to your website better, they will automatically spend more time on it.  

The increased engagement often leads to increased sales and saves the company the money and time it would have spent on retargeting campaigns. If you have live personalisation tools in your store, your customers will spend more time engaged on your website. They could personalise any product while seeing a live preview, so they will surely play around and try all the options available before buying. Offer them a fun shopping experience, and they will return for more! Some examples of companies who have used personalisation strategy are:

  • Amazon:

Amazon’s personalised recommendations are one of the most famous examples. By analysing users’ past purchases, browsing history, and behaviour on the site, Amazon provides tailored product recommendations that are highly relevant to individual users.

  • Netflix:

Netflix uses sophisticated algorithms to personalise the content recommendations for each user based on their viewing history, ratings, and preferences. This personalised approach keeps users engaged by suggesting movies and TV shows they will likely enjoy.

  • Get Ahead of the Competition:

With the quick expansion of e-commerce, you’re selling in a crowded market with lots of competition. Today, you can have competitors selling from the other side of the world. Being up to date with the latest technologies available can get you ahead of them, at least for a while. What is certain is that if you don’t adapt to the new trends, your days are counted, and customisation can give you the differentiation that you need.

  • Reinforce Brand Building:

By offering personalised options to your customers under predetermined parameters, you can ensure that your products still represent your brand and style. You can keep selling products clearly from your brand while adding a personalisation touch. If you get it done right, your customers will be happy and proud to have a unique product from your brand.

  • It’s Cost-Effective

Even if you must pay a fee for using a product personaliser, it pays for itself. Usually, it’s just a small fee, and by adding personalisation, you can have higher prices that compensate for that new cost. It keeps your inventory and fulfilment process intact. 

If you show your customers exactly what they’ll get and you fulfil it correctly, chances are you won’t have any complaints or returns. That’s the importance of using good product personalised software and not just offering personalisation options manually. 

Manual personalisation means having a designer who must create the print files with the specifications the client sent to fulfil the product. This is risky and may lead to misinterpretations of the information, which may result in returns, unhappy customers, a bad image for your brand, and so on.  

How Prolog Helps in Product Customisation

At Prolog Fulfilment, we constantly update our in-house specialist customisation services to ensure the brands we work with stay ahead of developing trends.

Prolog offers a range of in-house specialist customisation services as part of our 3PL value-added offering: Heat Press for customised t-shirts, sports shirts, and workwear—printing facilities for customised flyers, inserts, brochures, and direct mail. The embroidery will create your logos and names on workwear, sleeping bags, and Santa sacks. Kitting & Subscription for machine or hand-picked collection. Custom Packaging for branded packaging and cost-effective shipping.

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