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The Benefits of Custom Packaging for eCommerce

The Benefits of Custom Packaging for eCommerce

How Custom eCommerce Packaging Reflects Your Brand

Does it really matter what packaging goods arrive in, so long as they’re on time? eCommerce brands will tell you it does. Packaging is the first physical interaction between a consumer and a brand; as such it’s part of the customer experience. More than half of consumers surveyed say that they’re more likely to make repeat purchases if the packaging exceeds their expectations.

In light of this, it is clear that customised e-commerce packaging can have a significant impact on the success of your eCommerce business. Effective packaging not only reduces the volume and cost of returns but also builds customer loyalty and increases brand exposure to a wider audience.

It Demonstrates Eco-Awareness

What is Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging for eCommerce is packaging that is designed specifically around a product or a brand. Remember the last Amazon package you got? Well, it’s the opposite to that. Whilst Amazon produces a generic packaging, with limited size options, for mass production, customised packaging is created to protect goods, streamline their delivery, and enhance brand identity.

Custom packaging is typically used by businesses that want to differentiate their products from others on the market, or by those that have specific packaging requirements due to the nature of their product or industry. It’s used in a wide range of sectors including food and beverages, electronics, clothing, cosmetics, luxury goods and beauty products.

The Benefits of Custom Packaging for eCommerce

Custom packaging is a great way to increase brand recognition, protect your products, enhance the customer experience, and increase brand value. Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of custom packaging:

1. It Protect Your Products

Stock packaging offers a generic form of protection for products in transit, whilst custom packaging for eCommerce products is designed to minimise the damage of goods in transit. It communicates, therefore, attention to detail, concern for the customer experience, and professional diligence. Customised packaging not only guarantees safe transit for products, it also imbues the transaction with brand values that benefit the shopper.

2. It Stops You Paying For Air

Using packaging that is significantly larger than the product being shipped can increase the likelihood of damage during delivery and result in unnecessary shipping costs. Shipping a parcel that is considered “large” when the product could easily fit into standard packaging leads to extra expenses and results in the shipment of empty space.

3. It Creates Marketing Opportunities

Current consumer trends suggest that UK shoppers reward brands that make customisation a priority. Custom packages use the brand logo, colours, and may contain personalised promotions. More than that, there’s an opportunity to turn unboxing into an experience for shoppers and a marketing event for your brand.

Great unboxing experiences get shared with friends on social media, and by word of mouth which increases interest in your brand and builds a desire to try out the experience you offer. In this way, your shoppers become your brand ambassadors.

4. It Differentiates Your Product

Custom packaging helps businesses to differentiate their products from those of their competitors. By creating packaging that stands out, has a particular story to tell, or is imbued with a passion for a particular cause, shoppers are given more ways to identify with the brand, and become part of the community it represents.

5. It Demonstrates Eco-Awareness

The importance of sustainability has grown in recent years, and consumers are now more mindful of the materials used in packaging. Transparency and ease of recycling are now key expectations, with 64% of UK consumers stating a preference for retailers that offer sustainable packaging options.

There are a number of ways that brands can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability:

It Demonstrates Eco-Awareness

Could Custom Packaging for eCommerce Strengthen Your Brand?

If you’re thinking of custom packaging as part of your brand, why not talk to a Prolog specialist about how we can support you? We have the packaging infrastructure in place, and experienced designers to turn your vision into a reality. Customisation is one of the many value-add services we provide for 3pl partners who are looking to scale their brand. Additionally, we can help with:

At Prolog Fulfilment we don’t just offer the basics; at every stage of the fulfilment process, you’ll experience a personalised service which is tailored to your brand. We’re designed to deliver great service to you and your customers.

Would you like to find out what makes us different? Call Prolog Fulfilment today on 01623 724000 or message us to speak to a fulfilment expert.

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