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Prolog Sponsors Sustainability Column in The Retail Insider

Prolog Sponsors Sustainability Column in The Retail Insider

Exploring Sustainability for Fashion Retail

Prolog Fulfilment is thrilled to announce its sponsorship of a thought-provoking sustainability series featured in The Retail Insider. These insightful columns take a deep dive into the retail industry’s ongoing initiatives to address critical concerns, with a special emphasis on the fashion sector.

Exploring Sustainability for Fashion Retail

As an order fulfilment company entrenched in the retail landscape and steadfastly committed to sustainable practices, Prolog Fulfilment takes immense pride in championing this series. We firmly recognise the pivotal role sustainability plays in reshaping the retail sector, and we are wholeheartedly dedicated to supporting initiatives that catalyse positive change within the industry.

In the first column of the series, Glynn Davies, (former News Editor on Retail Week), offers readers a compelling introduction to Digital Product Passports (DPP) technology — a groundbreaking innovation poised to revolutionise the resale industry. DPPs, or Digital Product Passports, are QR codes discreetly embedded in garments, serving as dependable, unalterable repositories of information regarding their origin, production, and care instructions.

But why is DPP technology such a game-changer? Simply put, it provides a “comprehensive digital record of each textile product, detailing its journey from raw materials to finished garments.” This level of transparency has hitherto remained elusive to consumers, who will now have access to critical details about brands’ sourcing practices, manufacturing methods, and ongoing environmental preservation initiatives.

Paving the Way for a Circular Economy

Digital Product Passports are key to embracing circular economy principles within the retail sector. With the ability to trace each product back to its source and discern its composition, the groundwork is laid for the creation of efficient processes for recycling and upcycling.

The goal of the circular economy is to reintegrate used clothing into production, either by recycling materials or repurposing them in new garments. This not only enhances sustainability within the retail sector but also fosters innovation and generates fresh job opportunities throughout the industry.

Prolog Fulfilment: Your Partner in Building a Sustainable Supply Chain

An eCommerce brand with sustainability at its core must undertake two essential tasks:

  1. Product Assessment: Evaluating both product materials and manufacturing processes to gauge current sustainability levels, and subsequently collaborating with suppliers and manufacturers to enhance sustainability.
  2. Supply Chain Inspection: Scrutinising every stage of the supply chain to identify opportunities for environmentally friendly product delivery.

Order fulfilment partners are instrumental in helping businesses construct a sustainable supply chain. Mature third-party logistics providers, like Prolog Fulfilment, have made a strategic commitment to operate carbon neutrally, entailing the establishment of incremental goals on our path to achieving net-zero status.

These goals encompass a continued reduction in our carbon footprint, minimising waste materials, developing energy-efficient systems, and expanding our network of like-minded industry partners.

Sustainability is a Journey We Take With Our Brands

Prolog Fulfilment’s sponsorship of the sustainability column in The Retail Insider underscores our unwavering dedication to leading the charge in sustainable order fulfilment and driving the adoption of transformative technology in the fashion retail sector. Working together we can substantially reduce the collective impact we have on our planet and its fragile eco-systems.

Would you like to know more about how Prolog Fulfilment is working with businesses to create a more sustainable future? Call us today on 01623 724000 to find out more.

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