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Improving the Post-Purchase Customer Experience

Improving the Post-Purchase Customer Experience

6 Ways Prolog Fulfilment Enhances Post-Purchase Satisfaction

We talk a good deal about the experience customers have come to expect around the successful delivery of an item they’ve purchased. But what about the post-purchase, pre-delivery period? It’s a key moment in the customer lifecycle, and a perfect opportunity for brand engagement, but it tends to lose out to the more glamorous ‘unboxing’ experience. In this article Prolog looks at 6 ways brands can improve their post-purchase customer experience.

What’s the Post-Purchase Customer Experience?

Imagine you’re an online shopper, and you’ve just purchased a bag you’ve been wanting for a while. It’s a big moment, and you’re excited about having finally made the decision to buy. Now what? It’ll be arriving in a couple of days’ time, and you’re refreshing email and text to see what’s happening, but there’s no communication. You’re worried – did the order go through? Was it a scam? Do you get tracking?

The moment of purchase is often an emotionally heightened one for buyers, and it’s a perfect opportunity for sellers to make a connection, create engagement, and bake in repeat sales. A Metapack report on the post-purchase customer experience in Europe and the UK found that 40.6% of online shoppers “have bad post-purchase experiences with some degree of regularity.” These tend to be defined by poor communication, lack of tracking, late delivery, or ill-defined returns policies.

“36.7% of shoppers would stop shopping with a retailer after a bad post-purchase experience, but 67.1% would be less likely to shop with a retailer after hearing someone they know had a bad experience with them.”

– Report: Post Purchase Experience

6 Ways Prolog Fulfilment Helps Improve Post-Purchase Customer Satisfaction

Do you have a post-purchase void you need to fill? Prolog Fulfilment works with premium brands to enhance the customer journey from the moment of purchase, through last-mile logistics, to managed returns and subscriptions.

There are 6 ways that the post-purchase customer can be positively impacted:

1. Show Customers They’re Appreciated

Share in the emotional high that customers may be feeling when they purchase from you, by sending an immediate communication welcoming them to your brand and thanking them for their order. Show you care about them as an individual by personalising the email, providing details of what’s they’ve ordered, and letting them know what will happen next.

Prolog’s print-on-demand services are the perfect solution for bespoke brand communications.

2. Anticipate The Next Purchase

Send clear signals that you care about building long-term relationships with customers. There are a number of ways you can do this:

  • Invite them to subscribe to personalised promotional offers.
  • Offer a discount code for their next purchase.
  • Provide a sneak preview of new products they may be interested in.
  • Offer membership of a loyalty card scheme.
Anticipate Their Next Purchase

Prolog has been successfully managing loyalty schemes and promotions for premium brands over more than 3 decades now. We offer full service management from printing out personalised cards to mailing literature and managing offers.

3. Provide a Pleasant Surprise

Of course, you want to shower attention on first-time customers, but what about those that are returning? Why not surprise them with a gift at checkout? The post-purchase customer experience is about being seen, recognised, and appreciated for your order. Knowing that you’ve been missed is a powerful signal that your purchase matters. It also makes it more likely that you’ll share your experience online and with friends.

Why not offer a personalised gift? Prolog has the infrastructure to add a name to clothing, bags, cosmetics, and stationery.

4. Offer Clear Information About Returns

4. Offer Clear Information About Returns

An average of 15% of online purchases are returned, and many customers find themselves frustrated, or angry at poor returns management, or returns policies that were unclear at purchase.

The post-purchase period is a great time to remind shoppers of your returns policy, especially if you sell clothes, cosmetics, or accessories where returns are highest. Give clear information, with contact and process details, so customers know what they can do if they’re not happy with their product.

Prolog’s returns management on behalf of brands offers customers a frictionless returns process and rapid refunds or replacements.

5. Offer Tips and Guidance

If you’re looking forward to an item, you’ll probably enjoy receiving tips on its usage, how-to guides, or helpful hints on how to enjoy it to its full.

Instructions, or assembly guides can be of more use to customers prior to delivery. By gaining a clear understanding of the product and discovering how to use it effectively in advance, customers can feel fully prepared for an enjoyable experience upon its arrival.

Use Prolog’s mail fulfilment service to send out promotional items at specified points on the customer journey. 

6. Keep Delivery Options Open

People lead busy lives, and it’s often the case that having opted for one delivery option at the point of purchase, an alternative would be preferable them a day later. Giving customers delivery options in the post-purchase period acknowledges their logistics as well as those of the retailer.

Ready to Partner With Prolog?

If you are looking for ways to improve the post-purchase customer experience, partnering with Prolog Fulfilment is a great solution. We’re an established, family-led order fulfilment business, with 30 years’ experience in logistics. Our fulfilment centres are located at the heart of the UK with easy access to all the major transport links.

At Prolog we offer a tailored fulfilment experience bespoke to your brand. We’re designed to deliver exceptional service to you and your customers.

Would you like to find out what makes us different? Call Prolog Fulfilment today on 01623 724000 to speak to a fulfilment expert.

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