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Case Study – eCommerce Pet Supplies Fulfilment

eCommerce Pet Supplies Fulfilment

Pet Supplies are Big Business in the UK

We’ve always been known as a nation of pet lovers in the UK, but the recent lockdowns have sent our passion for pets into overdrive. Between March 2020 and May 2021, 2 million cats, dogs and rabbits became newly acquired members of British households, a third of which were new pet owners.

Prolog has a number of eCommerce pet supplies fulfilment clients and they tell us that this new generation of pet owners are young, online shoppers who bring a new set of priorities to the sector. They’re discerning about the food they eat, they search online for quality products, and they may be vegan. Their pets tend to be included in their owners’ value-systems, which creates fresh opportunities for a new generation of pet foods, pet treats and nutritional snacks.

“Generally, as a society we are a lot more aware of our own health and there are lots of messages out there about eating healthily, for example. That has become very much a part of the pet food market as well; people are more educated, involved and want to know what is going into their pets’ food.”

Ed Hewitt, Reiser UK

Prolog eCommerce Pet Supplies Fulfilment

We recently started working with an eCommerce pet food fulfilment brand that exemplifies the post-pandemic trends in pet supplies. They’re a retailer of high-value treats for dogs which are delicious, healthy, (no sugar or preservatives), and come in eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging. The snacks include 70% human-grade meat or fish (there’s also a vegan option) and contain no artificial ingredients.

Prolog eCommerce Pet Supplies Fulfilment

Prolog eCommerce pet supplies fulfilment services include:

  • Fulfilment – eCommerce B2C, B2B, Amazon (FBA).
  • Despatch – Supermarkets, Independents, B2C (Shopify), Amazon.
  • Kitting – Kitting of products into boxed units for sale on Amazon.
  • Booking – Organisation of booking slots, booking system to ensure prompt delivery.
  • Stock – Regular stock counts, client reporting, managing stock.
  • Shipping – Product shipped to Europe and NI. We co-ordinate veterinary visits & complete customs paperwork, including commercial invoices.
  • Client Contact – Weekly review calls, quarterly business review, site visits.
  • Returns – Provide returns management on all returned stock.
  • Customer Contact – Management of end customer delivery queries using online tracking.

Prolog’s eCommerce Fulfilment Infrastructure

Prolog’s ability to provide tailored eCommerce fulfilment is founded on a long-established infrastructure that successfully blends 30 years of order fulfilment experience and employee expertise. This combination is enhanced by our ongoing investment in innovation, ensuring that the operation remains at the cutting-edge.

eCommerce Fulfilment Infrastructure

Our pet supplies fulfilment process is augmented by a range of value-adds that are designed to delight customers and maximise their lifetime spend. We provide kitting and subscription, end customer support, packaging design and procurement, and personalised print on demand (POD).

Are You Ready to Scale?

If you’re an eCommerce pet supplies business that’s experience rapid growth over the past few years, it could well be time for you to scale. Outsourcing order fulfilment gives your business the opportunity to take a step back, evaluate your progress, and invest your energy in new products, new opportunities, and new markets.

Customised Fulfilment From Prolog

Are you looking for an eCommerce fulfilment specialist that has the expertise and infrastructure to create personalised solutions for your business? If so, we’d love to talk to you. Call our consultancy team today to tell us about your plans and find out how we can fulfil them for you.

Call Prolog Fulfilment today on 01623 724000

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